Epiphone Jerry Cantrell ‘Wino’ Les Paul Custom! – Awesome & Affordable Version Of Jerrys Iconic Axe!

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Studio Condenser Microphone – How To Choose The Right Condenser Studio Mic

Looking into buying a new studio microphone? If so, take a look at why studio condenser microphones are the best option for the best sound.

Record Countless Musical Tracks At Once With Multitrack Recording Software

Being a lover of music, if you are eager to produce unique and exceptional musical pieces, you can certainly use the help of multitrack recording software. As the name indicates, this is software which can record many tracks at once.

Mardi Gras Inspired Music Monday

Over the years, I have developed certain classic New Orleans Carnival traditions of my own (as most people in this town do). I am what you call a “ball-goer.” I try to attend as many of the large carnival balls as I can. In 2008, I consumed a mass quantity of energy drinks and few thousand diet cokes, which provided me with the stamina to make an appearance at the big three: the Endymion Extravaganza, the Bacchus Ball, and the Orpheus Orpheuscapade. I’m still working off that hangover.

Tips on How to Create Song Books

Music is a broad topic. If I had to describe what music is I will just define it with four words. Music makes the world meaningful.

Do Not Worry About Investment – Software Enables You To Make Your Own Beats For Free

Do you just love to make new and exciting pieces of music at frequent intervals? This is indeed great and can reflect your creativity. Are you worried about the money? Well, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about with the availability of so many exciting options today. In fact, you can make your own beats for free. Wondering how?

Origin of Reggae (Reggae Biography)

A biography of Reggae as used for my college essay. The lyrics that are found in Reggae, helps to calm and sharpen the mind about what the world is really like. Learn about the origins of Reggae.

Remembering Steve Allen the Songwriter – Part Two

Legend has it, Steve made a public bet with Frankie Laine that he could write 50 songs each day for one week. They sweetened the wager by ponying up a grand and sharing the experience with fans of the television program by taking it to the street. The two entertainers set up a workspace in the window of some music store in Hollywood and composed away, for all the viewers to see.

Top 5 Songs That Will Change Your Life

Music can cheer you up, help you face depression or meditate. It also can help you succeed. Let me share with you 5 songs you must absolutely listen to.

The Power Of Music And How It Can Improve Your Life

Music. It transcends languages, cultures and even age. Scientists believe that music is one of the first things that develops in the brain and one of the last things to fade as we get older. Music has immense power on so many different levels of the human psyche. It can affect our emotion in ways that we cannot fully comprehend.

Shopping for Your Banjo Lessons

The banjo is an iconic instrument of American folk music. Learn how to play it today with banjo lessons.

Livin’ The Rockabilly Lifestyle: Stuck in 1957?

For many fans, rockabilly is more than just their favorite music. It’s a lifestyle. What does it mean to live the rockabilly lifestyle? What is it about rockabilly that makes people change not only the music the listen to, but also the way they style their hair, the cars they drive, the way they choose to furnish their homes, and the clothes they wear?

Smartly Getting Lady Antebellum Tickets

When we talk about the celebrities, they always have different lifestyle. People are always curious to know more about their spouse, details on personal life and social activities. Mostly it is hard for the people to get access to the celebrities due to security and other personal reasons.

In Dire Need of An Upgrade: Getting A New Guitar Neck

How to choose a custom guitar neck for you guitar. Detailed inside are the tonal differences between wood types, costs, and where to obtain guitar necks.

Harmonica Lessons and Instruction

Taking Harmonica lessons and instruction was something I wanted to do. So I started to play some 25 years ago I am thinking back on some of my experiences through out the years. Thinking I could learn on my own like any stupid 30 year old arrogant kid would do I proceeded to start my learning strategy, which was to buy every book and instructional CD I could get my hands on. I really was determined to be one of the best and I studied and studied hour upon hour.

Kid Microphone And Stand – Buying Guide To Get The Best Musical Toys For Your Kids

A Kid microphone and stand is a great option for kids who are fond of performing like rock stars with matching guitar while singing. There are various styles that are available in the market suited for different ages.

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