Eco-Friendly Guitar Tips Part 2 – Plectrums! #Shorts

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Online Vs Desktop Beat Makers

What is the difference and what can they do for you? How expensive are they and what can I expect from them?

Learn How To Play Guitar – How Amazingly Fast It Really Is

The guitar is one of the oldest and most popular forms of musical instrument in the world; in fact almost every culture has its own version of the standard acoustic guitar. Even after thousands of years of existence we can still hear the catchy rhythms and complex leads of the guitar being incorporated into a wide variety of modern musical genres. Each day hundreds of people decide to pick up and learn the guitar, but of those that do only a small group of individuals actually stick with it and master this instrument.

Rockabilly Ain’t Elevator Music!

The title of this article pretty much points out the painfully obvious! In fact, when you think about what “elevator” music is, you can take the opposite of that and you’d have a pretty good description of what rockabilly is.

Jazz Rap – The Exceptional Hip Hop Rap Sub-Genre

The blend of the ‘yesterday-style’ with the ‘today-trends’ is called Jazz. Jazz-rap is hence, a fusion of the early hip hop African-American music and the present day prominent musical formats.

Bring Music Into Your Home With Popular Karaoke Songs

If you cannot get enough of singing popular karaoke songs, you might consider bringing the attributes of your hobby home with you to enjoy any time you want. It is easier than you might think. A variety of options exist that lets you take your love for karaoke home and share it with your nearest and dearest.

Suitable Drum Samplers For The Best Heavy Metal Beats

With the help of Drum Samplers you can get the desired sound effects for your band. Such metal beats are recorded from good quality instruments which produce the best drum effect. This cannot be acquired by playing real drums during a performance.

Sell Your Songs on iTunes – The 2 Best Ways

Find out which programs get you the most money, and cost the least to start. I’ve done the research and used these programs myself, so read on!

John McAndrew, Singer, Songwriter and Pianist

John McAndrew has that rarely-seen talent that allows a songwriter to write lyrics like poetry. His words flow, from the questioning tone of “Give Me New Eyes” to the beautiful and memorable new melody “I Love You All,” a track from McAndrew’s new album, “I Am Home.”

Encourage Children to Play a Reliable Pocket Size Trumpet

Using a reliable pocket size trumpet as a tool in a child’s introduction to the world of music may probably be one of the best life changing lessons parents can give. A child should not be forced to study or learn a musical instrument, but yes, parents should encourage their children to do so. Remember, being forced is different from being encouraged. If you notice your child to be having some inclination to music, but is not really sure what type of instruments he or she should learn, then trumpets and other brass instruments could be the best choice.

Review: Broncho

Broncho (pronounced BRON-CHO) is the by-product of Ryan Lindsey’s solo career. One day an opportunity presented itself to Ryan to score songs for a film project about a fictional punk band. Seizing the opportunity, Ryan enlisted the musical services of Johnathon Ford (Unwed Sailor, Native Lights), Ben King (Refund Division, The Hero Factor) and Nathan Price (Refund Division, Vandevander). Once the band lineup was settled, the band began writing and recording music for this “shot in the dark” scoring opportunity.

The History of the Smaller Advent Speaker

If you are a retro speaker enthusiast, chances are you have heard of the Large Advent Speaker, but have you ever heard of the Smaller Advent Speaker? For audiophiles looking for that classic uncolored Advent sound without the huge footprint of the large advent speaker, the smaller advent speaker was the perfect solution. It reallt is a testament to the smaller advent speaker that even today, a pair of these bought in 1972 holds up against the current speaker technology of the day.

The 70’s: Storytellers, Rockers, and Disco

The ’70’s rolled in and pretty much took up where the ’60’s had left off.  The turbulent ’60’s had seen the assassination of president John Kennedy and soon after, the shooting of his brother, Robert, an  unpopular and seemingly no win situation with the war in Vietnam, and another assassination of a man who was trying to bring about great change, Martin Luther King Jr.

The Group That Changed The World – The Beatles

In 1960, in Liverpool, England, four young men joined together to form one of the most accomplished bands of all time. They would go on to become inspirational to all other bands that came after, leaving a legacy as legends of rock. They continue to find more listeners every day and changed the face of music as we knew it.

How to Tune a Violin – 2 Easy Options

The minute that you take your violin out of its case, you need to know how to tune a violin. This can be done in a few simple steps but how you choose to do it is completely up to you. Tuning up your violin correctly will mean that the music will sound correct and that you can play with someone else accompanying you or as a part of an ensemble.

Finding the Best Guitar Amp Can Enhance the Lives of Many

Music has been a very important part of everyone’s culture and a person’s way of life. Music is a wonderful way to express one’s culture and personality. And because of this innovation, music can now be expressed in many different ways. There are many different equipments that can be used to play music such as computerized and digitized systems that take music to a whole new level.

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