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Male Vocals – 4 Male Voice Types and Their Vocal Ranges

If you are an aspiring male singer who is learning how to sing well, determining your voice type is necessary because the voice type provides you an idea of your working or singing range. Consequently, identifying your voice type helps you choose as to what types of songs you’re most likely capable of singing and defines where your limitations are.

The Characteristics of a Good Voice and a Bad Voice

How do you know if you possess a good voice or a bad voice, whether for singing or public speaking? It is a bit hard to classify our own voice sometimes, but it does help if we know what makes up a good voice from a bad voice, and take it from there. Knowing the differences of a good voice from a bad one, and their characteristics, can give you some sort of a lead on how to improve your voice.

The Important Factors In Rap Beats

If your interested in learning about the important factors which go into making great rap beats, read this article. You will learn plenty about hip hop instrumentals by reading this.

The World Of Rap Beats And Its History

If you want to learn about how hip hop and rap beats started, this is definitely the article for you. I wrote this in order to help artists around the world discover their hip hop roots!

Rockabilly Music Earns a Permanent Place In Rock and Roll History

Over 50 years after rockabilly could have nearly been declared dead, it is alive and well. In fact, it’s never been healthier. The genre thrives with fantastic rockabilly acts throughout the world and a whole new generation of rockabilly fans that will ensure that rockabilly will forever hold its permanent place in rock and roll history.

Some Information on Beat Makers

Music has been around for ages ranging from natural sounds to manmade instruments. It appeals to all, but not everyone can create music. The idea of making your own beats for music can appeal to any person with a talent for music. Beats of course being the base of the music, or as commonly known as rhythm. With any beats maker software available you can do just that. It allows you to produce recreate the ideas for beats you have in your head into actual beats or pro like music. You are only limited by your imagination & creativity.

Musical Instruments – Learning Tips

Playing a musical instrument is always exciting, and though it may sound easy but in depth it is not that simple, no matter you do it by yourself or in a group. If you really want to learn playing an instrument professionally, the important most thing is to practice it daily. It might turn out tiresome with the elapse of a few days and you might think of quitting it feeling bored to the extreme; however, if your practicing somehow becomes enjoyable a job, you will soon feel like sticking to it till your dream comes literally true. I am jotting down here a few practicable tips helping to develop this skill you have a passion for.

Versatility Of Music

The versatility of Music is as great as the capricious nature of feeling of the human beings. Interesting enough; the changing nature of human feelings and emotions can be found emblazoned in music since emotions are let lose in lyrics whether they be just beats, words or both.

Make Rap And Hip Hop Beats Faster With Free Beat Maker Software

Before the introduction of free beat maker software, making beats for rap and hip hop was not an easy task. DJs were mostly sampling from turntables to make rap and hip hop beats.

Rockabilly and Moderation Don’t Mix!

Some forms of music benefit from a bit of judiciously applied moderation. Classical music’s ebbs and flows build emotion, tension, and release. Many folk songs are brilliantly understated and thus work in a way they wouldn’t if they were performed at full tilt. However, rockabilly music isn’t one of those forms of music!

Rockabilly Stretches Across Years and Borders

Rockabilly not only still survives. It thrives. There were years when it needed life support. There were times when it didn’t seem it would survive in a living form–only on records. But the fans kept it going. They’ve stretched across the years to keep their ties to the pioneers. And they’ve stretched across the miles to form ties with modern rockabilly acts and fans all around the world. The stretch of rockabilly is phenomenal. It’s just one of the many things that make rockabilly music unique and special.

Discovering Mixtapes

This generation, we have all seen the development and the evolution of music not only as various genres started to emerge, but also as the number of ways through which music could reach people have also grown in number. What once was an industry solely relying on cassette and CD sales have now found more convenient ways of selling products through the use of the internet.

Pro Tools LE For Professional Music

Pro Tools LE is software that can give modern humans an edge over all the musicians who are still working with equipment that is more primitive. If you want to make it in the music business, or, even if you just want to have fun with music, then this is something worth considering. There is a lot you can do with this to make sound, sound better.

Beat Making Programs: For Starters, Using DubTurbo Is An Excellent Choice

I found DubTurbo to be a great alternative to anyone that doesn’t have a huge budget to being making their own beats. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to start then this is a great program. Here is my complete, unbiased view of the DubTurbo software.

The Raw Emotion of Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile is a singer/songwriter with a beautiful amazing voice that will command your attention. The first time I heard of her was when I saw her video on VH1.

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