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How To Play With Better Metal Rhythm Guitar Technique

Want to know how to play with awesome rhythm guitar technique? Stop trying to “learn random guitar riffs to play” and get started learning how to make ANY guitar riff sound totally killer. Remember, it’s not WHAT you play – it’s how you play it!

Top 13 Third Eye Blind Songs

Now, compiling this list has brought me much contemplation. As so much thought goes into each Third Eye Blind song, the same process has befallen upon me when trying to rank their top 13. What exactly constitutes a good song?

Classic Songs About Shipwrecks

While much has been written, recorded, and exploited about the sinking of the Titanic over a hundred years ago, other shipwrecks have gotten little attention. A few have gained some notoriety through films, although all but one of those flicks has basically disappeared. One famous sea disaster owes its renown not to a movie, but a song.

Paul Anka, the King of Love Songs

Paul Anka leaped onto the musical stage as a teen idol. Nearly six decades later, the native of Ottawa, Canada is In constant demand as a composer, performer, and producer. He spends at least 100 days each year concertizing. His latest tour takes him across the U.S. and to major cities in Asia and Europe where audiences always pack his high energy shows.

Jazz Be-Bop Guitar Improvisation – Jimmy Raney Is A Legend!

Be-bop jazz guitar player Jimmy Raney was one of the finest jazz guitarists in history. His single note improvised solos are considered to be some of the most creative ever heard!

The Decline and Fall of Astral Weeks

Astral Weeks is to music what Citizen Kane is to cinema – a ground-breaking tour de force that remains un-matched to this day. Morrison, though, isn’t as esteemed as he once was which has had repercussions for this magnificent work of art.

The Go-Betweens

A generation of music critics still find themselves unable to explain how the magnificent Go-Betweens failed to dominate the charts. Some of the reasons why The Go-Betweens never moved beyond their cult status are examined in this in-depth article.

Glen Campbell: Rhinestone Cowboy, 40th Anniversary Edition

Glen Campbell’s milestone album gets a makeover, but still falls just short of being the masterpiece it should have been. Nevertheless, there are enough genuine highlights on show to make this an essential purchase.

Ed Sheeran Is A Songwriter And Singer Who Writes Lyrics That Have Mass Appeal

As of this date Ed Sheeran has over 720 million hits on his YouTube videos. He has said that he always tries to work as hard as he can to make good music and maintain a good work ethic. In this article he tells why singers like Elton John, Paul McCartney and Adele appeal to the average person that buys records. There is also much discussion about his mega hit “Thinking Out Loud” and the making of the song’s video.

Madlib’s Bad Character: A Stone’s Throw From the Golden Age

Madlib, the visionary Los Angeles-based producer, has once again reminded us what hip-hop has been missing–and ultimately what it really is. Bad Neighbor, featuring emcees Blu and MED, is yet another example of what Stone Throw Records means to the tradition and culture of b-boying. While it may not be a classic, it’s enough to keep your hip-hop belly full until chef Madlib’s next course!

Songs That Succeed In Spite of Seven Word Titles

While playing an online game similar to Jeopardy, I became intrigued with one of the categories. It was titled “Seven Letters, One Syllable,” a word category at which an English teacher like me should have excelled. Alas, I managed to get just three of the six questions, even though all of the words were familiar to me.

An Ideal First Instrument – The Harmonica

If you are thinking about taking up an instrument the harmonica comes highly recommended. They are fairly cheap, although the price rises with quality, portable, and can blend into just about any recording as added background instrumentalization. With birthday and holiday gifts around the corner, your shopping can be done in a flash.

How You Can Become A Great Guitar Player – 3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Become A Great Player Yet

Why aren’t you already an amazing guitarist? Does your playing technique suck? Are you very uncreative musically? Don’t have tons of natural ability? Too old? Not getting much out of practice time. In reality, these are all just symptoms of a deeper, central cause.

Using Different Guitar Picks To Get Interesting Tone

Contrary to what many guitarists think, your guitar tone doesn’t just come from the guitar you play on or your fingers. A huge factor that you should be paying attention to is the specific type of pick you use. There are all different kinds to choose from and the one you choose will have a drastic effect on the sound of your playing.

The Bitter Ingredients Behind Supertramp’s Delicious Album Breakfast in America

Popular music has had several phenomenal songwriting partners, though none of them are quite as well-known as the tandem of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Most of them, like the main combination behind many of the greatest songs by The Beatles, end up splitting because of built-up tension. It happened to Johnny Marr and Steven Morrissey of the Smiths at the end of the eighties, and the two have been estranged ever since.

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