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The Evolution of the American Singer Songwriter

In this article we will take a look at the evolution of the American Singer Songwriter from Robert Johnson to Woody Guthrie, to Dylan, to Townes Van Zandt, to Lucinda Williams, to the Avett Brothers, Langhorne Slim and much in between. The Singer Songwriter has impacted virtually every American music genre because, after all, it begins with the song. Make no mistake, the singer songwriter, only armed with his or her instrument, provides the purest form of musical expression; poets whose rhythmic verse is put to music.

Music Interpretation: Emotion and Intellect

Music, one of the great joys in life and the conduit for love, hate, and everything in between. It inspires us to new heights and consoles us when we are at our lowest lows. It gets us hopping when we are out with friends and it comforts us when we are alone.

Songwriting – Getting Started With Chords

As a songwriter, even if your focus and strength lie primarily in lyrics, having a working knowledge of a chordal instrument like keyboard or guitar can help you find the proper chords for your song – or at least help you guide your co-writer. Read on for more information on how to get started with chords.

The Wav Vs Mp3 and the Debate for Making and Listening to Music

I am afraid I am one of those sound engineers that has grumbles about the quality of music that so many people listen to and am concerned that the only mediums they use to listen to music are of questionable quality. And to me this is a shame because music producers like myself put a lot of effort into capturing the best recording and making the best mix of other artists and my own creative music. Perhaps all this hard work is wasted on what is largely a lo-fi and low resolution audience? Or do I just need to get real?

Working With Melodies: Practice Makes Perfect

In sports, when a baseball player is on a roll and is hitting everything in sight, he’ll often say that the ball looks as big as a watermelon and that it’s coming towards him practically in slow motion. In contrast, when a player can’t hit anything, you might hear a comment like, “Boy, that pitcher is really throwing BB’s today.” Likewise, when a professional tennis player can do no wrong and is always in the right place at the right time, the ball actually feels so good making contact on the strings of the racquet that the player feels that it can be hit to any spot on the court. This is called being “in the zone,” and those who have experienced it know how incredible it feels.

Is Digital Music Really That Good?

Is digital music really worth all of its hype that it constantly receives? Perhaps it is, I do not know really, what do you all really think about it and do you feel that it is truly worthy of its obviously amazing recognition? Throughout this article I want to go over a few things with you regarding digital music and provide you with some different questions that you too might want to ask yourself before believing all of this hype about digital music and how its the greatest thing going today.

How to Deal With PayPal Chargebacks

If you are a producer or beat maker, you may or may not have dealt with a PayPal chargeback while selling your beats online. With the hundreds of websites that allow you to upload beats for sale, you may inevitably run into a situation where you have to deal with a PayPal chargeback.

Electronic Music History and Today’s Best Modern Proponents!

An accessible, fun to read guide, to electronic music history and today’s best modern proponents in the field. From the pre-theremin era to techno dance music today!

Everything You Need To Know About Guitar Pickups

Guitar pickups for some guitarists are somewhat of a mystery. With their varying sounds and looks what makes them tick? Here I take a look at 10 of the most important facts to address those crucial questions.

The Best 3 Guitar Amps

Choosing your guitar amp is an important task. It could make the difference between a great sound and an awful sound. Here are the top 3 guitar amps that you should be looking at.

Get Your Radio Station to Number One – Get Interactive on a New Frequency Using Mobile Marketing

Is your Radio Station number one? If it is, great. Your job is to make sure it stays that way. If your Radio Station is only average and you want to bring it up to a competitive level then you may want to pay close attention to the information I’m about to present to you in this article.

DJ Names – 6 Tips For Coming Up With A Name For DJing

Coming up with a stage name can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. You can end up spending hours, days or weeks trying to figure out what works and won’t sound stupid. When I had to go through the process several years ago I remember trying to come up with one and it was pretty tough, I almost pulled my hair out before settling on DJ Vinyl V. In an effort to help my fellow DJ brethren, I’ve whipped together this article to save you time and heart ache.

Ballet Class Music – Best Places to Search For It

If you’re a ballet teacher you most likely spend a significant amount of time through the course of the year looking for new ballet class music for your classes. A great deal has changed in the last ten years that has altered the way music is created and delivered to you, the consumer. Many ballet teachers are still unaware of the best way to find ballet class music using the internet so we’ll be looking at how to take advantage of this powerful and relatively new tool.

Acoustic Guitar Buying For Beginners

Looking to buy your first acoustic guitar? Don’t know much about guitars? Have no fear! Read this post and learn what you need to know!

Buying Trumpets – Does The Price And Quality Of An Instrument Affect Its Tone Quality?

A common question that is asked when picking a trumpet is whether or not you need to pay more for a better-performing trumpet. Does price and quality of an instrument really affect the sound and tone quality? Getting to the bottom of these questions are very important when looking for a new horn.

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