Carl Verheyen at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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Johnny Smith – Jazz Guitar Improvisation Virtuoso

Johnny Smith, among the foremost jazz guitar players of the 1950s and 1960s, is additionally an accomplished entertainer on violin, trumpet and viola. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama on June 25, 1922. A self educated player he mentions Andres Segovia and Django Reinhardt as his most significant guitar influences.

CD Baby Review – What You Should Know Before Jumping on Board

You’re ready to start getting more ears for your music! Congrats. This CD Baby Review gives you the d-low on what they’re good at and not so good at.

Why Bands for Hire Are the Best Choice for Your Party Entertainment

When it comes to a big occasion such as a Wedding, Christening, Birthday or Corporate Event, it is always a good idea to ensure that the entertainment is sorted some time in advance. There are different types of party entertainment for events; this article aims to give an insight into why choosing a live band could be the best choice for your event entertainment.

Album Review: Illy – Bring It Back

Returning with his third album, Melbourne MC Illy has created arguably his best work to date. Primarily working with M-Phazes and Trials, he’s crafted a consistent album full of quality production supported by his much evolved flow.

Album Review: Maundz – Zero

Representing the Crate Cartel crew, Maundz has put together an extremely solid, lengthy effort consisting of 20 tracks full of energy. As arguably the label’s most talented MC, Zero highlights his highly aggressive and braggadocios rhymes coupled with the production skills of Wik with mixing done by Geko, creating a sound that’s sonically well put together.

Wedding Music From an iPod

The uncertainty of the economy hasn’t spared anyone. From industrialists to the common man, everyone is interested in the phenomenon of cost cutting.

How to Ensure Great Music at Your Wedding

Weddings are special and are carefully woven to include a series of events that make it a lifelong memory. In fact, whenever you would look at past experiences, you will notice that the recall factor associated to a wedding is it’s festive ambience that the music creates. After all, it’s the mesmerizing music that gets your guests moving to the dance floor.

Bob Dylan’s “Blood On The Tracks”, Part 4: Dealing The Jack Of Hearts

One of the most beloved Bob Dylan songs ever is on “Blood on the Tracks”. It’s Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, a lighthearted cowboy-western fantasy. It’s the only song on the album that doesn’t deal directly or indirectly with his collapsing marriage to Sara Lownds. No wonder that some have called this Dylan’s best album.

Review: Cold War Kids – “Dear Miss Lonelyhearts”

One of my best friends was a really good long distance runner back in the day. He was considerably quicker and stronger than the rest of us, who had started discovering beer and the opposite sex. However, whenever he had to compete he used to just lose the plot.

How A Good DJ Can Make Your Party A Success

Have you ever had the feeling that your friends really don’t enjoy your parties? You think you’ve provided adequate entertainment with the song-list you especially created for the night from your favorite albums, but nobody danced for long and some people even left early! A professional DJ can read peoples likes and dislikes in music and react accordingly, keeping the dancing going and the mood ebullient!

The Best Rolling Stones Songs – Top 5 And Why

This article lists the top five best songs by The Rolling Stones, and also explains why each is so great. This list is a great launching pad for a new fan of the band.

Bob Dylan’s “Blood On The Tracks”, Part 3: The Scandalous Affairs of Poets

Few lyricists can make references to other poets so easily and naturally in their lyrics as Bob Dylan does. In “Blood on the tracks” there’s a song which compares his own love to a torrid, infamous love affair between two 19th century poets. Read on to find out more as we continue exploring the songs of what some have called Dylan’s best album.

Sufi Singer – A Style of Singing That Can Transport Listeners to a State of Spiritual Ecstasy

Sufism is believed to be the evolution of Islam; it is a philosophy that is universal in nature. There are many sections of the Muslim population that consider Sufism to be outside of Islam. Their goal is to please God by working on their own purity within themselves to restore to the primordial state as described In the Quran.

One Republic: The Sound for Which It Stands

One Republic is an act whose songwriting hinges on big melodies. Their influences range from 80s music made by artists like U2, Peter Gabriel, Simple Minds and more.

Recording Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk”: The Biggest Recording Studio Ever?

To put it simply the title song from Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” began as a short riff and turned into a monster. By the time it was finished it was recorded in what may have been arguably the biggest recording “studio” ever. The recording also set a record. Find out what it was.

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