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No Longer Flowing, Fountains Of Wayne Leave Behind A Trove Of Pop Culture References

One of the most underrated bands for the last twenty years has officially split up, according to the member who sang and co-wrote all of their songs. Chris Collingwood revealed in an interview that Fountains of Wayne, who became well-known for their single “Stacy’s Mom”, will no longer record music together. “Fountains of Wayne, it’s a history I embraced for a while,” Collingwood told Elise Lu of National Public Radio on July 24.

Time Has Been Good For A Song Title By These Ten Artists

On the way back from visiting my daughters at college in Cincinnati, I stopped into a convenience store to get a soda and a newspaper. The drink I easily spotted in the back of the store, but I had less success finding a newspaper. I looked in every conceivable spot in each of the aisles, but I found neither a newspaper nor even a rack.

Five Bands Besides The Eagles Who Made Radical Changes In Musical Direction

I admit that I was a little skeptical about buying Hotel California, the iconic album that forty years later is still considered the best by the Eagles. My dad years before had been the first in our family to discover the band, when he first heard “Peaceful Easy Feeling” on the local AM rock station. The rock and roll fanatic that I was had wanted no part of the Eagles, who to my young ear amounted to nothing more than a country band.

String Quartet Disasters and How to Avoid Them: A Primer for the Beginning Wedding Player

For the beginning wedding player, disasters can happen quickly. Here are several ways you can put a stop to common gig problems.

Ten Little Known Facts About Number Ones And The Artists Who Sang Them

While perusing the latest volume of the history of Billboard’s Number Ones, I uncovered a modest collection of musical trivia. I even discovered two pieces of trivia I did not know regarding The Beatles. First of all, the Fab Four were the warm up band for Tommy Roe, singer of the number one hits “Dizzy” and “Sweet Pea,” in a United Kingdom tour in 1963.

You and I Make A Great Title For Artists From Queen To Lady Gaga

A popular soft drink company has been running a musical promotion all summer, placing famous song lyrics on their bottles. While I usually enjoy reading the words to see if I recognize the particular song, I have discovered that many of their selections have become repetitive. Just yesterday I grabbed two twenty ounce bottles from the local convenience store, only to discover that both had the exact same lyric on them.

Create in Your Own Way

A short look at my own creative process, how I work on numerous things at the same time. I’m not too sure if other people work this way, it’s just how I do things.

How A Country-Inspired Album Has Influenced Today’s Hard Rock Icons

An album that owes its origins to old time country music has often been cited as the all-time favorite of headlining hard rock bands like Guns N Roses, Metallica, and Motley Crue. For their iconic record, Rocks, Steven Tyler and Aerosmith drew inspiration from country music for what is often considered the band’s most rocking album.

Specific Years Memorialized In Hit Songs

The year 1984 inspired numerous song titles, only because of George Orwell’s futuristic novel that made us fear that Big Brother was watching. David Bowie, who wrote several space tunes, composed one called 1984 for his Diamond Dogs album. The hard rock band Van Halen called an entire album 1984, which included the title track as its opener.

Love African Drumming? Here Are Two Tools to Help You Find Your People

African drumming is a great group activity that brings people together – the social experience can be as important as the musical. The internet is awesome, and if you love African drumming, here are some online ways to help you find kindred spirits!

The Roots of Funky

The Funky guitar is one of the things that I like to play, very much. This style is very dynamic and gives that extra spice to already solid drum grooves (and basslines). Since the late 40s the rhythmic guitar styles evolved in many different ways, one of them being the Rhythm and Blues style, that, mixed with Soul, Blues and a little bit of Jazz, gave the grounds for Funky Music.

Ten Songs That Have The Single Word Title of Hollywood

Obviously aspiring actors would be drawn to Hollywood, where lies their best chance of getting in films or on television. For some reason, that city has been the focus of a lot of songwriters as well. Pop-rocker Ryan Adams scored with s song called “Good Night, Hollywood Boulevard” from his Gold album in 2001.

The Cure: Disintegration (1989)

The Cure were never in fashion, never in vogue. They were too nice for punk, they were too dense for pop, too versatile for most rock audiences, too verbose for Top of the Pops. One thing they were, however, was miserable. Where Morrissey played misery as a pantomime, Robert Smith played it as a never-ending dream, his music as dense as his lyrics. Fittingly, he called the band’s masterpiece ‘Disintegration’.

Well-Known Songs About Underworld Crime

The Major League Baseball All-Star game has been completed, resulting in the American League’s 4-2 victory and home field advantage in the World Series. The local department stores have put away all of their baseball wares, replaced by aisles and aisles of school supplies. The fact that both of these events just occurred indicates one stark truth.

Detroit and Soul Music History

They say the birth of soul came in the 1950s, when the parents of gospel and jazz came together to form a more contemporary and dance-friendly style of music. The Motor City is no doubt the backbone of modern soul and R&B. It became a powerhouse and industry standard for soul music throughout the country, competing with Atlantic Records and Stax for chart-topping hits throughout the 60s.

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