Beckett McDowell “Pale Blue Eyes” LIVE at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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Learn Guitar: How To Get That Authentic Blues Guitar Rhythm

Do you know the easiest and fastest way to learn blues rhythm and play with that real authentic blues flavor? You will when you read and use this article.

Bob Dylan Poetry: True Lies Or Real Fraud?

In a recent interview, Bob Dylan fires back at accusations of plagiarism. Since his beginnings, his work has always been questioned, particularly its ties to the art of poetry. Is Bob Dylan a poet?

3 Advantages of Mastered Audio

A lot of musicians don’t get their audio mastered because they don’t see the importance or don’t think that they can afford it. It’s much more affordable than you likely think (more on this later) but right now let’s cover 3 substantial advantages of mastered audio over audio which is not mastered.

Everything You Need To Know About The Bob Dylan Discography: Fun Facts And Other Surprising Numbers

While everybody is always talking about the best Bob Dylan songs or his best albums, who really knows anything about his discography? Here are 5 surprising facts of the list of albums released by Bob Dylan throughout his career.

An Easy Guide to Care for Your Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are very significant for any musician. Not only are they costly, but musicians are also emotionally attached with them. So caring for them is of utmost importance. This article aims to provide some simple guidelines to care for your musical instruments.

3 Reasons to Get Your Audio Mastered

Many musicians recognize audio mastering as an important step to music production but don’t necessarily know why or understand what goes into it. It’s the final step in music production and it’s not even that costly depending on whom you go with and also depending on whom you go with, you can significantly improve the quality of your music. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves; in this article I’m going to cover 3 reasons to get your audio mastered.

3 Top Reasons to Consider Before You Buy Yamaha Keyboards

If you are thinking to buy keyboards, then you can consider 3 reasons – space, headphones and portability. By following these three reasons, you can buy the best keyboard.

6 Of the Best Musical Instruments for Children

We all know that fuelling our child’s creativity is important. But encouraging them to put down the TV remote and pick up something like a musical instrument isn’t always easy. However, if your little ones do get bitten by the music bug, what are the best instruments for them to pick up and play? Here, we look at six of the best musical instruments for children of all ages:

The Violin: What to Look for in a Violin Teacher

In this article I am going to examine the basic points that you should be looking for when using a violin teacher. Before getting into the main body of the article we must at first ask ourselves if when you start to play the violin you actually need a teacher at all? Many people in fact are self taught, but let’s face it, for the majority of us getting a teacher is a more efficient way of learning the instrument.

What Do You Need To Consider When Purchasing A Violin?

If you are considering the purchase of a violin you need to ask yourself some important questions before you proceed. We are going to look at the three factors that will determine what type of instrument and how much you should be spending.

Top Three Skills Possessed by America’s Most Successful Wedding DJs

As with any career, working as a professional wedding disc jockey comes with its own unique set of challenges. Each year, DJs are faced with increased competition and are forced to lower their price points just to maintain a full calendar. But lowering prices is not a viable option for most DJs, therefore they must hone their craft in order to stand out.

How to Coordinate a Fun Halloween Party

Holidays are always a good excuse to throw a party, but no holiday inspires more creativity than Halloween. From the costumes to the decorations to the food and the music, the options are endless and it can feel a bit overwhelming at first for those tasked with planning a party. But it doesn’t have to be complicated, here’s a quick and easy step-by-step guide to help you coordinate a fun Halloween party.

Hiring a DJ or Wedding DJ

Hiring a DJ can be a monumental decision and whether it is for a party, anniversary or wedding, the fact of the matter is, the decision should not be made lightly. Since the DJ is essentially the life of the party, they have the ability to keep things rolling while making guests happy or on the other end of the spectrum can make the night seem never-ending. Before you hire your entertainment there are a few things to consider if the night is to be successful. Some are legalities which are important; the rest are simple considerations that may make the difference between a good night and a night you will not forget.

Why Audio Mastering Is Necessary

After a song is written, recorded, and mixed, the final step in the production process is referred to as audio mastering. Many everyday people as well as artists themselves are unfamiliar with what goes into audio mastering or even why it is important, and while it’s not an absolute necessity before you release your music, it can seriously improve your recordings in a number of ways.

Your Ideal Music Production Software Program

When it comes to the creating of new music everyone knows that only the best will do, which means you must always select the absolute best download. It does not matter what kind of equipment it is, you need the best quality you can buy.

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