Asher Belsky playing a 1954 Gibson J-160E at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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Top Five Jackson Five Songs Which Weren’t In The Top 10

As big of a success as The Jackson Five were, not all of their songs made it to the top 10 of the charts. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t great songs.

The Hills Are Alive With the Sounds of Music

You have just been watching the BRITS and seen Adele and Ed Sheeran pick up two awards apiece, and now you are wondering, “how can I become a singer?”. This is a different question to how can you become a star or famous, etc. First of all, you must decide what sort of singer you want to be. You will already know there are many types of singers and genres of music from which to choose.

The Songwriters Starter Pack – Article 2 – The Chorus

In Article 1 of my Songwriter Starter Pack series we looked at creating your first verse. In this follow up article we will create a chorus and look at how songs are constructed.

The Songwriter’s Starter Pack – Article 1 – Creating a Lyric for the First Verse

It often happens at some point in a keyboard player’s career that they develop a desire to write their own music. This is quite natural as music involves artistic creativity and what could be more creative that writing your own music but many put it off in the belief that they don’t posses the talent or they simply don’t know how to start.

Refurbished and Factory Second Guitars: The Secret to Massive Guitar Savings!

We hear the phrases “refurbished”, “refurb”, “factory seconds”, “B-Stock”, “blem” in conjunction with other similar terms when shopping for products, but depending on the industry and also the company selling the items, these terms can often mean a number of things. This is quite trying throughout the online marketplace where you cannot hold the merchandise and try it out before selecting it. Most of the time seeing these words beside merchandise for sale correlates to a more affordable price on the item, but what exactly are you getting when you purchase a refurbished or factory second item? In order to help quell the confusion and misconceptions (at least in the guitar world), my goal is to explain a few of the more significant points and show you how knowing the differences is definitely the secret to BIG savings when purchasing your next guitar.

Jackson Browne’s “For a Dancer” – Do We Really Need To Know The Meaning?

There are several theories as to what prompted Singer/Songwriter Jackson Browne to write his song “For a Dancer”. The death of his friend? Jackson’s wife’s suicide? Who knows? Based on the comments written online by Browne’s fans stating how this song has “helped” them, it seems we may not need to know the actual meaning behind this (or any) song.

Leitmotivs From an English Pastorale 1

One thing is certain. Paul Runacles had not been born into a typically privileged upper middle class family, and so by the time he arrived at his college, he was bereft of a frame of reference; unlike the majority of his fellow pupils, weaned on the gilded sports of the British social elite.

Toby Keith: Singer, Songwriter and What Makes His Songs So Captivating

Toby Keith was born in 1961 in Clinton, Oklahoma and is married to Tricia Lucus. They have three children. He did a duet with one of his daughters Krystal in 2004 at the Academy of Country Music awards. He has had many hit songs some of which are How Do You Like Me Now?, As Good as I Once Was and Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue. His talent in naming the titles of his songs and the way he phrases lyrics contributes immensely to the success of them.

Things You Should Be Practicing Every Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Every Guitarist Should Know This

The key thing that separates an electric guitar from an acoustic one is the body. The acoustic guitar has a hollow body meanwhile the electric guitar is made of solid wood.

The History of the Djembe Drum – Your Questions Answered

The djembe drum is one of West Africa’s most popular instruments and is growing in popularity all over the world. This traditional instrument is becoming more mainstream, with more and more schools encouraging their pupils to play. Learn all about the history of this drum here:

What Are Solid State Home Theater Amplifiers and Their Types?

Solid State Amplifiers come in a variety of Channels, each one assigned to power one speaker. A traditional 2-Channel stereo amplifier is designed for music listening with two speakers.

Countries of the World and Their Instruments

The world is a colourful place with everyone speaking different languages, wearing different clothes and having differing cultures. The countries of the world also differ in the instruments we play. Each is highly unique and played all over the world. Here are some of the biggest countries of the world, and their instruments:

Independent Artists And Internet Radio

Traditional Radio or Internet Radio? Where should an Independent Artist put their efforts to acquire air play?

Does It Matter That You Cannot Sing?

How much does ones success as a singer depend on their ability to hold a note, and how much is down to personality? There is no doubt that since the inception of the latest spate of television talent shows, there are numerous cases where a lack of the former, but an abundance of the latter has led to a successful career. Take for example, the latest series of the X Factor…

Does Your Band Sound Like Anyone Else?

Never, in the history of unsigned bands has a question been more hated and reviled than “Who do you sound like?” I get it. Musicians don’t like to be compared to other musicians because originality is treasured by young musicians, but… you want to know how to market a band, and if you want to market your band well – hell, if you want to have any possible chance at the brass ring – you have to know who you sound like. It’s just a plain, hard fact.

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