Apogee Duet 3 – The Ultimate Portable Desktop Recording Interface?!?

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How to Purchase a Bass

How many occasions have you heard songs that acquired you unconsciously tapping your foot? Perhaps, you’ve experienced it a lot of times. That musical instrument that quickly caught you grooving was actually the bass guitar.

Reel Big Fish Albums – Which Should You Listen To?

In the 90’s, Reel Big Fish was without a doubt one of the most well known ska bands in the biz. But what are their best albums? Get the scoop on what the top Reel Big Fish albums are!

Acoustic Treatments for Churches

Churches and other large, spacious venues often have trouble with the quality of sound being produced by bands and preachers using microphones and speakers. From drums and guitars to organs and brass instruments the chances for distortion due to reverberation and sound reflection are increased when you don’t have the right acoustic treatments to deflect and absorb sound waves. If you are in charge of the music at a church or similar house of worship consider high quality sound baffle equipment to help reduce reverb time in the venue and achieve optimum sound that will be enjoyed by the entire congregation.

An Open Letter to New Acoustic Guitar Players Who Can’t Hear Themselves Sing When They Play

Dear New Acoustic Guitar Player: I know you are sick and tired. You are sick and tired of playing the acoustic guitar while you sing but can’t really hear yourself because what you are playing is very loud. You have tried to strum lightly to get it quieter but the attempt just makes strumming very uneven. You barely touch the strings and miss them often whenever you try to play lightly. You hear people like Jack Johnson play and find that their guitars are so quiet compared to when you hear yourself play. Their playing sounds really nice and you can’t help but wonder: how can I play quietly like them? Well here’s how:

Isolating Percussion Instruments

On stage or in a recording studio drums tend to overwhelm almost every other instrument. The inherent nature of percussion instruments makes for loud and powerful sounds that easily drown out guitars, keyboards, brass instruments and vocalists. Some drummers have tried electronic drums, or V-drums, but have come to find the artificial sound too mechanical for their liking. To solve tricky recoding and live performance drum issues consider using high quality sound baffles and drum shield enclosures to maintain the natural sound of real drums while tempering the volume so other instruments can be heard clearly.

What Makes Band Music Great

The other day, I was at a local high school football game, and I heard a song that I recognized. It was from a movie that I had seen a long time ago, but could not quite remember which. I realized at that moment how great band music was, because they play music that many of us recognize, but never really appreciated while it was actually happening.

Know About Various Forms and Explore Your Dancing Skills

Dancing is an elegant form of performing arts which involves graceful body movements and artistic expressions. Artists keep on experimenting with different dancing styles to make it more expressive and beautiful.

Use A Drum Maker To Produce Hip Hop Beats

Learning how to make the hip hop beats is not difficult, and with the right drum maker it is in fact quite easy. A drum maker is an essential piece of equipment if you want to create any form of beat for your hip hop tunes.

Choosing Presentation Music for Maximum Effect

While selecting presentation music it is important to consider the responsiveness of the audience you are targeting. You do not want the audience viewing your creation and taking it to be of poor taste. A project which is aimed at educational or religious audiences should not even remotely allude to rock or rap music. If you are making a funeral home sales presentation you would not include upbeat music. Music should be carefully selected, just like images which are carefully screened so that they do not offend the audience.

Some Important Options You Should Obey Before Hiring A Mobile Disco

Planning for a birthday party or celebration can be a stressful situation, whatever your occasion you would like everything to be right. Picking out a professional Mobile DJ plan to entertain your friends and relatives is an extremely essential aspect in ensuring a great party, even when anything else is ideal, if the entertainment is not just right, the entire party could be disappointed.

Record Yourself Singing: Do You Sing Harmony With Your Vacuum Cleaner?

Singing harmony with appliances and other inanimate objects? I think it’s a symptom of frustration that you don’t have anyone to sing ACTUAL harmony with. Well drop the vacuum and step away from the fridge because now you can sing awesome harmony with yourself! Record yourself singing on your computer recording studio. Then sing along with it. Wash, rinse repeat for as many harmonies as you want.

The Best Beat Making Software

Are you trying to make your own rap beats? If you are, this article will help you get the best beat making software to use for your rap beat production.

An Insight Into Gator Gig Bags

If you have spent any time researching pedal board cases on the internet then you will have heard of Gator gig bags. Gator gig bags are protective carry bags that are used by guitarists to protect their guitar pedals and carry all there pedals around without damaging them.

How to Purchase Wiz Khalifa Concert Tickets

Looking to purchase Wiz Khalifa Concert Tickets? Read here and find out how to purchase the best priced Wiz Khalifa tickets and more!

Why Go For an 88 Key Midi Controller?

Most musicians that are serious piano players want to get the most out of an instrument so going for an 88 key midi controller is the obvious choice. It’s not the number of keys that will dramatically increase the price of the keyboard anyway. It will more likely be the feature laden ones that are the more expensive ones.

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