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An Introduction To Recording Your Music At Home – Part 1

Introduction – Professional sound recording is complicated and expensive so there is nothing here about how to set up a professional studio but heaps of stuff about how to have a lot of fun at home arranging and mixing your own music so that you can produce an acceptable demo disk even with the most inexpensive instrument. Instrument features As I have no idea what your choice of instrument is I will stick to the broad principles as there are some basic similarities between all instruments. The latest state of the art, top…

The Songwriters Starter Pack – Article 4 – Creating A Melody

Having arrived at a nice chord progression we can begin to build our melody and as a starting point I suggest you stick with what notes make up the chord. It is permissible to have a few ‘passing’ notes in there which are not in the chord but steer clear of any notes that obviously sound discordant.

The Songwriters Starter Pack – Article 6 – How To Improve It and Get Heard

Finally you have got something that you are really proud of and you want to share it. A good idea now is to put your song away for a month. Bury it in the bottom of a drawer. Forget it. Move on to your next song. When you bring it out again you will be surprised at how much you think you can improve it. You have had a month of extra practice and what you thought was stupendously good will now seem quite ordinary. So now you start re working it and polishing it up.

A Comparison of Fender and Gibson Electric Guitars

If you are a professional guitar player, then electric guitars are for you. Here is a comparison of the two most commonly used electric guitars called Fender and Gibson.

Top 10 Things to Look For in a Guitar Teacher

Figuring out what to look for in a guitar teacher can be a daunting task. There is always the uncertainty and doubt of whether or not you will have good chemistry with your teacher.

Not Ready for a Band Tour? Think Small

If you want to get some attention for your band, you need to do something that draws attention. Your band is probably not ready for a nationwide tour, but if you think smaller, you might be able to create some great marketing opportunities. By smaller, I mean a “mini band tour.” Consider setting up a tour on a smaller scale.

Beginner Guitar Lessons – Expert Tips That Will Help You Bend Strings Like a Professional

One of the things that a lot of guitarists, especially the ones just starting out struggle with is bending strings. In this beginner guitar lesson I will go over some things that will help you if you’re struggling.

A Certified Guitar Appraisal

A Certified Guitar Appraisal is not just a one page document with a value on it. It is a report written only after thoroughly inspecting the guitar and gathering information about the guitar builder, the guitar, and the market in which it is normally sold. Additionally, the appraisal is based on actual comparable sales similar to a Real Estate Appraisal.

The Truth About Learning How To Rap – Why Some Fail At It

Learning how to rap over the past few years has been an increasingly popular topic on the internet. Studies show that the terms “how to rap” and “how to freestyle rap” gets 1,000’s of searches a month on Google, which is the #1 search engine on the internet. This fact alone should tell you that this is a sought after skill to have and people really want it.

Tuning A Guitar

Guitar strings are meant to be set at certain relative pitches so that they meet the standard of “tuning” and so all of the strings sound proper when played together. This article explains the theory behind tuning a guitar, and how it can be achieved.

Profanity In Songs, Keeping It Real or Over The Top?

How many of you enjoy hearing profanity in your music? Call me old school, but it doesn’t really work for me. That’s not to say that there aren’t songs where it has some context and is used to make a point.

How To Have A Hit Record

If your dream is to have a hit record on the radio, so was mine. Here’s what I went through to try and achieve that dream.

Your Muse Is Not Yourself

Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth thought his ‘thing’ was custom cars but to many of us Baby Boomers his monsters were the big appeal. Sometimes the artist and the fans see things differently.

Become a Singer at a Young Age

Every kid wants to have a great singing career. It is one that is eyed by many youths in the world today. Many youngsters may fall in love with some celebrities in the music industry. This is one of the factors driving many to pursue this career. In as much as the profession looks very appealing, there is always a big challenge to many. Starting off as a child looks good. Children’s minds are known to achieve much as they are growing. At age 11 a kid is able to start pursuing his or her dream career. This is one of the most admirable talents among the young. It requires attention, the right attitude and an inspired heart. The pursuit is very hot therefore…

Practice To Become A Great Singer

Many people aspire to become great singers. This may range from the church choir to a great band. Becoming a great singer is not a simple or an easy task. You need to stand on the shoulders of who went before you. This will help you have a bigger picture and a greater vision. There is need to be moved through inspiration. From other great singers you can follow the right footsteps. The way to becoming a great singer will always be there. If this is your first time you have the vision of becoming a great vocalist there are a few steps you will never escape or avoid.

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