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Notorious BIG Mixtapes Celebrate A Life That Ended Too Soon

The American rapper Notorious B.I.G. was tragically gunned down in March 1997, but his legend lives on through his music. Though he was only 24 when he died, he managed to record some of the most recognizable hip hop lyrics in the music industry. No music lover’s collection would be complete without Notorious B.I.G. mixtapes that highlight the work of this hip hop genius.

How The Dream Mixtapes Created A Superstar

The man known as The Dream in the hip hop world was born on August 18th, 1981 in Rockinham, NC. He is a world famous R&B singer, record producer, and songwriter, who moved to Atlanta where his grandfather raised him after the death of his mother at a young age. Though he prides himself on his ability to write lyrics, The Dream mixtapes he released helped land him his first publishing deal.

Learn How to Play the Guitar – By Following Your Passion

Learn to play the guitar – with your passion as guide! By that I mean that you should always learn only the things that you are truly eager to master. If you try to learn how to play the guitar starting with confusing blues scales or reading sheet music you are destined to bang your head against the wall. It simply doesn’t make sense.

Vinyl Record Players – How They Influenced Music and Pop Culture

The record player – first called the ‘Phonograph’ – was invented way back in 1877. It soon revolutionzed the way people listened to music. From being an activity that could only be enjoyed occasionally and live, music became a portable commodity.

Making Beautiful Music With Carbon Fiber-Made Musical Instruments

With carbon fiber in surge of popularity in different areas like in military, engineering, automobile, aerospace and even sporting equipment, the musical industry also wanted to try the material in many applications to get full benefits of the musical instruments where the composite materials are applied.   In a nut shell, carbon fibers are woven together to form a yarn. The fibers are subject to heat and pressure.

The Effectiveness of USB Drum Kits

If you have a strong urge for music and want to create music, then think before approaching the instruments that are required to create beautiful sounds and music. There are many musical instruments available in the market like that of guitars (Spanish as well electronic), drums, synthesizers, violins, etc. However, you need to decide on which instrument you play the finest or you want to learn in order to play some great music and to be known as a great musician of the era.

To Move On Is To Grow

We Came As Romans – “To Move On Is To Grow” We Came As Romans is a Post-Hardcore band signed to Equal Vision Records. This is one of the few bands that actually brings a solid “new” sound to this overly saturated scene. Their first record “To Plant A Seed” really kicked some butt, and their latest single “To Move On Is To Grow” isn’t backing down!

Review of Solomon Burke’s “Nashville” CD

Grammy Award-winning soul and country artist Solomon Burke’s album “Nashville” was released in 2006 with 14 tracks on the CD. It features country-rock style guest vocals by Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Patty Griffin, Gillian Welch and Patty Loveless.

Asking Alexandria – The Final Episode

Asking Alexandria, what a great metalcore band they are. Generic screams, generic guitar riffs, and generic drumming patterns. Their “hit” single, The Final Episode, is a great song.

Get Your David Bowie Fix With Wireless Internet

Originally hailing from England, David Bowie is one of the most successful musicians of all time. Over the course of his highly successful career, he has transitioned from being a folksy singer-songwriter in the late 60s to becoming a gender-bending glam rock cult figure in the 70s to blossoming into dance-hall hit producer in the 80s to finally becoming an established and respected elder musician in the 90s and the 00s. The man who once covered died his long hair Kool-Aid orange and painted his body in bright neon colors can now pack stadiums full of suburbanites around the world, from Europe to North and South America. It can seem like an impossible task, trying to keep up with his entire career. You could go broke just trying to buy half of his albums! But luckily, with a decent wireless Internet connection, you can keep up with Bowie without breaking the bank.

Tips on Buying a Guitar

Learn about what to look for when buying your first Guitar. This article will show you all the tricks a guitar teacher would teach you when looking to get a good beginning guitar.

Fashion in the Music Industry

Just after producing many tracks with Rob Fusari, Rob sent some of those songs to the producer and also record executive Vincent Herbert. After listening to the songs, she was immediately signed on his music label, Streamline Records.

Handling The Sad Reality Behind Vinyl Records

Reverberating a unique quality sound are LP record albums of then and now. Old and young generation of music buffs find LP records as a product that is of valued possessions. Even before compact discs were launched, LP records or vinyls were the prime format of music recording. Entranced by vinyl-recorded music, songwriters together with their devotees ardently wanted to have their own vinyl records.

Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole, a Musician With a Big Heart, Ample Talent and an Amazing Power to Lure

Music is what many out there are crazy about. With countless number of musicians and pros present out there, only few that make a mark for themselves on the souls of the listeners are categorized as legacy. One such Hawaiian musician that simply is an icon and one of the finest in the Hawaiian territory is what Israel kamakawiwo’ole depicts.

New Online Radio For Your Listening Pleasure

Micksden Online Radio plays a variety of popular songs from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Working online doesnt have to be dull. I enjoy working online with good music playing in the background. You can too.

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