After BURYING A Guitar, Can Dunlop Guitar Cleaning Products Resurrect This Axe?!

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Giving the Best Sounding Music With Your Bass Cabs

A lot of people really do not understand musicians’ liking for musical equipment. Well, this is actually understandable considering how musicians always see to it that they give nothing but the best kind of music quality whenever they are performing live or even when they are recording.

Legendary Rock Songs – 10 of the Greatest Rock Ballads

We all love listening to the greatest rock ballads and legendary rock songs. They give us shivers down our spine and they make us want to listen to more. We all have our favorite song and band.

Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Solos of All Time

There obviously aren’t as many acoustic guitar solos around as there are electric guitar solos. However, that is what makes them very special and it tells you that it is no easy task. The beauty about acoustic guitar solos is that the sound out of the instrument and strings is pretty much pure natural.

Top 10 Interesting Electric Guitar Facts

Without a doubt the electric guitar is one of the most interesting instruments to date and does contain some very interesting electric guitar facts and knowledge that people are not aware of especially considering those that play the instrument. This lovely instrument has been around for decades and has improved along the way. The first large guitar brands that came in were Gibson Les Paul and also Fender.

JR Writer Mixtapes Created A Success Story

J.R. Writer was born May 23rd, 1985 as Rusty Brito. He is of Dominican descent, and owns a record label called Writer’s Block. Though he spent much time in jail between the ages of 11 and 16, his creation of J.R. Writer mixtapes helped to gain him some fame.

There Could Be No Better Treat Than Playing for the Guests

Get ready for an event that the guests will remember for the rest of their lives. It is the live bands that make a party memorable one.

How to Spice Up Your Party and Weddings

Live bands decide the mood of your party and they can simply go by the feeling of the guests. There could be no better treat than playing for the guests.

A Wedding Worth Remembering

Weddings aren’t repeated often and a once-in-a-lifetime event deserves some special planning and a special treatment. Wedding bands make the event a special that you can keep in your memory books.

How To Spot The Best Music Production Software That Will Help You Make Beats Like The Pro’s

If you have been searching for the best music production software available that is easy to use, packed with recording studio quality features yet staying affordable, this guide will hopefully help you to finally find what you have been looking for. There is no doubt that there are beat makers and music studio software, by the thousands out there so how do you chose one that will not make you go broke, while at the same time, give you poor quality sound with useless software that is limited in features and disappoints considerably…

Learning to Fret for Good Bass Techniques

Fretting is one of the most basic concepts behind learning good bass techniques. If you’ve just picked up the bass guitar, you’ll need to learn the fundamentals of fretting before anything else. What do you need to know? Here are some basic guidelines and instructions:

Eminem Ringtones Are a Great Way to Personalize Your Phone

Eminem ringtones are catchy, upbeat and unusual. The owner of these tones will look forward to receiving calls so they can hear great tunes.

Use an Ableton Tutorial When Creativity Sparks

If you’re an aspiring musician, you’ve probably had that moment where you sit down to write a song, record a few beats, or experiment with an idea. Then, something terrible happens. You open up your Ableton software and get lost in a sea of dialog boxes, knobs, sliders, editing options and the like. Suddenly, you realize you forgot your original idea.

Bad Singers Rejoice With an Autotune Plugin

Are you a horrible singer with dreams of making it as a pop star? Want to get around your lack of talent? Now you can. Ever wonder why famous singers sound great on their records but horrible during a live performance? It’s as simple as a little concept called autotune. An autotune plugin can help anyone achieve musical greatness

Wedding First Dance Songs – Tips for Choosing the Right Music For Your Bridal Dance

Taking care and giving thoughtful consideration to choosing the right song for your bridal dance is important. Your guests will remember this song and this will always be “your song”.

Epiphone Flying VeeWee Bullseye Zakk Pakk Electric Guitar Value Pack

If you are just learning to play guitar and want to have a professional quality amp and guitar, then you should definitely consider the Epiphone Flying VeeWee Bullseye Zakk Pakk. This set includes an electric guitar, an amplifier, a gig case, the cords needed for connecting the amp and guitar, and three guitar pics from the Zakk Wylde signature line.

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