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Looking After Your Guitar

So you’ve got a guitar that you play regularly, but what do you do with it when you’re not playing? I read an interview with Keith Richards recently and he claims to have slept with his guitar…

Essential Guitar Skills You Need to Develop

Just like in any other hobbies, to properly play the guitar you need a set skill to develop. These two essential guitar skills are the foundation in which you will build upon your expertise as you go along.

The Four Shades of Blues for Guitar Players

Blues is perhaps the most treasured cultural gem of modern America. Born in the 19th century American “Deep South” community, it has influenced so many guitar legends and spawned different modern musical genres like: Bluegrass, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Roll among others. During the course of many years, different types of Blues have sprung-each has produced musical legends of their own.

A Great DJ Can Turn an Ordinary Event Into a Special Occasion

Regardless of what type of special event you might be planning, nothing makes a party more fun than a fantastic DJ playing the type of music that appeals to your guest. After all, more than likely you already have a top of the line venue in mind as well as a catered buffet from your favorite restaurant, why not take the next step, and make it as lively and spirited as possible? Let us warn you though, not all DJ are the same.

Famous Country Guitarists You Should Listen To

The Southern United States became a melting pot of diverse culture coming from the Europeans, Native Americans, African-Americans and North Americans. This exchange of cultural ideas gave birth to Country Music. Country music has evolved and is continually appreciated not just in America but all over the world.

Organ Music: About Piece Heroique by Cesar Franck

Cesar Franck (1822 – 1890) was the composer, organist, and pedagogue of Belgian and German descent who lived in France. He is considered as one of the most influential figures of the late Romantic period in the second half of the 19th century. In 1858, he became the organist of the famous Basilica of Saint Clotilde where he worked until his death.

Organ Music: About Toccata and Fugue in F Major, BWV 540 by JS Bach

Although the most popular of all organ toccatas by Johann Sebastian Bach is the legendary Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565, perhaps even more masterful is the splendid and brilliant Toccata and Fugue in F Major, BWV 540. This composition might have been created in Weimar when the true compositional style of a master composer was formed. Virtuosic Toccata and Fugue in F Major usually is a true technical and mental challenge for many skilled organists. If performed well, it is a real treat for every organ music lover and listener. Otherwise, it has the potential to create a sense boredom.

The Kwartet Is Back

After a long hiatus ever since their break up with Bubi Chen, The Kwartet is back. Recently, Jeff Horner, Billy Ford, Nick Rubino, and Menotti Aristone the four core members of the Kwartet released their first album since their time with Bubi Chen. The album is entitled Enter the Cactus.

The Big Three Of The Guitar World: Which One Is for You?

Fender, Gibson and Ibanez: these are the big three. Without a doubt they are the weapon of choice by the best guitar players from around the world. Competition aside, each has its own quality and uniqueness which every guitar lover craves. If you are going to choose an ideal guitar for you, which one will you pick? Let’s find out as we discuss each one of them.

A Guide to Different Types of Guitars

Would you like to play bluegrass? Is country music appealing to you? Do you want to hear an authentic blues sound just like the old days?

Meet the Famous Latin Guitarists

When it comes to music, Latin is one of the most represented worldwide. All across the world you can hear the beats of bossa nova, Salsa and mambo. Even the mainstream music industry has recognized the global and cultural impact of Latin that they have their own Grammy Awards.

Organ Music: About “Le Banquet Celeste” by Olivier Messiaen

Olivier Messiaen (1908 – 1992) was a French composer, organist, and ornithologist. He entered the famous Paris conservatory being 11 years old, and his teachers were such influential personalities as Paul Dukas, Charles-Marie Widor and Marcel Dupre. In 1931, Messiaen became an organist at the church of La Trinite in Paris where he worked until his death. “Le Banquet Celeste” (Heavenly Feast) is one of his earliest compositions. In this incredible slow-tempo work, his truly original conception of time is apparent.

Top Albums for This Christmas

If you are still faced with the dilemma of what to get your parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and best friends, here’s a suggestion: why not give them the gift of good music? If you want to get these CDs, you can easily find them online and have them shipped directly to your home or your intended recipients’ home. If you wish to get the music for yourself, you can also do so by logging on to the iTunes Store, where you can buy and download all the music files you want, for a very merry musical Christmas.

Discover What Has Attracted People To Listen To Mixtapes

CDs and DVDs are no longer exclusively used in the entertainment industry. Although it was the most convenient and popular method used by people to listen to music, currently people have better devices that range from iPods to computers.

Organ Music: About Ballo Del Granduca by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621) was a legendary Dutch Master organist, composer, and pedagogue of the 17th century. He is most renown for not only for his great polyphonic choral writing but also for being a founder of the North German Organ School. He is also frequently called “Maker of German organists” because of his influential teaching activities that helped propel and flourish the renown North German Organ School. His most famous students include Samuel Scheidt, Heinrich Scheidemann, Melchior Schildt, Jacob Praetorius II, and Anders Duben among many others.

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