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Guitar Wisdom From A Wise Crustacean

I have only taken a few guitar lessons in my life. One of my teachers was a rather old gentleman. He had encouraged me to ask open-ended questions. Well, one answer he gave me has stayed with me nearly 40 years. You can’t get a better teacher than that. I asked him, “What are the five most important things in becoming an excellent musician?”

The Different Methods of Tuning a Guitar

How do you tune guitar? There are several ways to tune a guitar, in this article we describe the various ways and see the advantages of each one.

Learn Blues Guitar: How To Add Latin Flavour To Your Blues

The blues have always been about expression and it’s important to remember that the blues continues to evolve, adapt and absorb the sounds of the times; you can hear this if you listen to the type of blues played in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and it continues to evolve today. Most guitar players are familiar with the 12 bar blues format but there’s also plenty of other ways to play the blues.

JAQ Deweyi Univeils Love/Violence Against Women Song

JAQ Deweyi unveils love/violence against women song As we celebrate the month of love, how would you like to listen to a love song that speaks about Violence against women? Well, Radio Presenter; JAQ Deweyi who also happens to be a singer and Song writer has released a new single; “OmukwanoGwo”, a song about this guy who loses her love because he abuses her physically on top of disrespecting her. According to Womankind Worldwide, an international women’s rights charity working to help women transform their lives in Africa, Asia and…

Love Songs We Cannot Do Without

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the sounds of love songs will inevitably fill the air. Couples will be in search of old, favorite numbers.

Women of a Certain Age Drool Over Sting and Sing Along With Paul Simon

Paul Simon and Sting have only performed together once. Now they are on tour together. These women of a certain age just had to see Sting and sing along with Paul Simon. They felt compelled to do so before they become women of a certain age who ask, Sting who?

Playing Those Guitar Mind Games Forever

Don’t overlook simple. Simple can be rearranged, combined, slightly changed, added to and used in completely different ways. Where you end up can be greatly removed from where you started from.

Guitar Blues And Rock Rhythms

Guitar blues and rock rhythms. Most forms of modern music are rooted in the blues genre of music. In fact the evolution from blues to rock is very relevant to the music played by modern guitar players. In essence, broadly speaking any music played in 4/4 time based around simple chords progressions can be considered to have evolved around the blues.

Guitar Harmonics And Open String Harmonics

Guitar harmonics and open string harmonics. Harmonics are a vital component of every note played on the guitar. Each time a string is played it vibrates in a very complex pattern, and the sound it generates is composed of several elements. These are the basic building blocks of the sound which is called, “The Fundamental”.

Guitar Lessons A Beginner’s Guide

Guitar lessons. A beginner’s guide to understanding what the requirements are to become a proficient guitar musician. The guitar is probably one of the easiest instruments to learn but one of most difficult to master. Millions of people are quite happy with knowing a few basic chords and continually using them to play popular songs.

All You Need to Know About the 7 String Guitar!

The 7 string guitar is not nearly as well-known as it’s 6 string cousin. However, it provides a versatility and a depth of chords and scales that the 6 string cannot match. Although the seven string guitar is most closely associated with modern metal music, it’s roots can be found in the 1930’s.

What Makes A Great Guitar Player?

Many (many, many) years ago I saw a famous guitar player in a small venue. During the first ten minutes, my mouth dropped open and I thought this was one of the greatest guitar players I had ever seen. After ten minutes, I was bored and ready to leave. So what does make a great guitar player? Obviously I thought there was something lacking here. Well in this article, I want to touch on what makes a great guitar player.

Women of a Certain Age Rock to Bruno Mars

Who says you have to have tween or teenage kids to go to a concert by a hip young songster? My sister and I love to go to these concerts and rock with the best of them. It keeps us young and in the know!

How to Pick the Right Musical Instrument for You

Playing musical instruments can be incredibly rewarding. More than just the look of admiration people will give you along with their deafening applause, it gives you that wonderful feeling to excel in music, which you have a passion for. Learn how to play your violin, your sax, your guitar, your piano, your drums or your harp today.

How To Get Gigs As An Electronic Musician

Getting a gig can be a very daunting task for an up and coming musician. Following the advice in this article will help to get you play in front of an audience in no time.

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