5 Reasons Why You NEED A Boss SD-1 Overdrive Pedal! – #Shorts

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Use an iTunes Cover Art Finder and Refresh Your Music Library

Are you missing cover art in iTunes? Looking for an automatic iTunes cover art finder?

A Night With the Wolfman

A midnight drive through the desert listening to a legendary d.j. brings back memories. A slice of life piece of nostalgia from 1965.

Invincible Brass

Music and movies are inextricably linked. Even the silent movies had background piano soundtracks. Recommended movie soundtracks featuring brass instruments.

Buy Online MIDI Beats to Get the Right Sound in Your Song Track

Are you serious about your career in music? Do you want your audience to create interest in your talent? Do you want to make beats that sounds professionally-made without investing too much? If that’s what you want to achieve, an easy and affordable solution is right in front of your eyes!

Purchase Your Favorite Beats Online From a Reliable MIDI Beats Provider

Many artists are relying completely on online beats that can be mixed and rapped with other instrumental beats to produce your kind of music for your performance. There are many online midi drum loop sites that offer wide range of drum beats to match with your taste and style.

Advanced Musical Technology Makes Using Beat Making Software Easier

As the music industry becomes more technically advanced, the use of beat making software has become easier to use for the beginner beat maker. In the past, you needed to have some music theory knowledge in order to use some of the complicated music studios that were available.

Tips For Finding the Right Beat Making Software

Do a quick Google search on beat making software and you will find yourself inundated with over 6 million results. With such a vast amount of information residing out there, it can be difficult to find a beat making software that is right for you.

How to Create a ‘Roaring 1920s Jazz Age’ Themed Wedding

This article explains how to create an authentic ‘1920s Jazz Age’ themed wedding. Themed weddings have experienced a recent return to fashion, and can be a great way to include the guests and create a sense of fun and excitement at a wedding. This article contains some useful information and tips for brides wishing to have ‘Jazz Age’ wedding, such as asking the photographer to shoot some ‘sepia’ toned images for an authentic vintage feel, and having a photobooth.

How to Liven Up Your Wedding Reception With a Jazz Band

This article explains how to create a lively, energetic and fun wedding reception by having a live jazz band. It also explains that jazz bands are extremely flexible and are able to perform at wedding ceremonies as well as receptions. Unlike string quartets, they can accept music requests on the spur of the moment because they perform by ear and do not need to read off written sheet music. Unlike iPods or DJs, live bands are made up of professional musicians who love to spotlight and to interact with the guests. This means weddings that have live bands are generally more fun and guaranteed to keep guests smiling and dancing the night away.

How to Sing Falsetto for Beginners

If you want to learn how to sing falsetto properly, there are several resources which can help you develop your falsetto singing voice. If you’ve been searching for how to sing falsetto, you must already be a trained singer who wants to take their voice to the next level. Here’s how you can get to that next level.

Discover How Simple It Is To Play All Your Favorite Radio Hits On the Piano – Follow My Lessons!

Everyone begins as a beginner. The piano is the perfect instrument for the beginner. The hardest part about anything in life is starting out. As humans, we all want quick results with as little effort as possible.

Free Online Piano Lessons Are The Quickest And Most Effective Way To Jumpstart Your Piano Learning

If you check out the piano forums, you will notice that online piano lessons get a lot of flack. People don’t like it because of this and that. You will read lame excuses about improper technique being taught, fundamentals, etc.

Beat Maker Software – DUBturbo Is King

DUBturbo beat maker is probably the best software of its kind on the internet at the moment. This little article gives you a quick summary of why I think this is the case.

If You Are Ready To Learn How To Play Popular Piano, Then I Am Ready To Teach You – For FREE!

We all respect Mozart and Bach, but sometimes we just don’t want to play them on the piano, right? I know plenty of beginners that just want to jump right and start playing all their favorite popular piano songs. I also know classically trained pianists that want to do this, but can’t. Learning how to play popular piano is a completely different mindset

Is The Dean Boca 12 String Electric Guitar A New Rickenbacker?

Probably one of the cheapest 12 string electric guitars in the market today, the Dean Boca provides a budget-friendly alternative to the more elite Rickenbacker 360/12. The Dean Boca features a semi-hollow double cutaway body that more or less pays tribute to the famous Gibson ES-335. The “wings” of this semi-hollow 12 string electric also bears f-shaped sound holes e.g. like those holes in a violin or cello. This guitar is also equipped with a Tune-o-Matic bridge, a fixed bridge system with easily adjustable intonation.

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