5 KEY Benefits Of Learning Guitar On An Acoustic VS An Electric – Should You Pick Up Acoustic First?

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Learn Rock Guitar Fast

A quick beginner’s guide to getting you playing some of your favorite rock songs fast. Learn some easy techniques and make some good habits early.

Choir Conducting

What makes a good choir conductor? What are a choral conductor’s responsibilities? Let us assume the choir already exists and does not have to be built from scratch.

Learn Guitar Chords: Won’t Back Down By Tom Petty Easy Guitar Chords

One of the key ingredients to achieving a great sound is to design your arrangement so that you have some ‘sonic space’ between each instrument in the group; every instrument should have it’s own place in the audio landscape. If you have ever wondered why you are not getting the same sound as the recorded version this is a good place to start..

The Real Power Of Music

The real power of music isn’t about playing faster, or mastering more playing techniques, or filling your head full of more musical knowledge than anybody else. The real power of music is about learning how to tap into the power that lies buried within music itself.

Guitar Music And The Concept Of Rhythm

Guitar music and the concept of rhythm. Rhythm is a complicated concept and the word cannot be explained in a simple, straightforward way. It is a term which can be used to express several related ideas which are all, in some way, concerned with the “Time” element in music.

How To Promote Your Music: A Guide for Local Bands

Nowadays, local bands have an unlimited number of social media outlets to promote themselves. But in order to use them, you still need to already have some following, which is why it’s really important to learn how to promote your music in a more targeted manner.

Band Drama: How to Deal With and Possibly Avoid It

Being in a band is awesome, but with every glorious moment on stage comes the inevitable band drama that could drive you nuts! Find out how to deal with it and possible ways to avoid it.

The Life And Death of Paco De Lucia

The emergence and popularity of the Spanish Flamenco Guitar as a solo instrument was a result of the acheivements of the “Father’s of Flamenco.” Ramon Montoya. Sabicas. And Nino Ricardo. Now, sadly, they are joined by a fourth “Father” – Francisco Sanchez Gomez – Paco de Lucia.

Learn Guitar Scales: The Harmonic Minor Scale

The Harmonic minor scale is an important scale to learn because as the name implies, mastery of this scale will enable us to accurately analyze many of the more complex chord progressions and help us identify subtle key-of-the-moment sections in popular styles of music. Previously we have discussed the natural minor scale (Aeolian mode) and found that although the Aeolian mode is an extremely useful scale that can help us create many different moods and textures the mode itself does not produce any new chord structures i, e., the Aeolian mode produces the exact same chordal structures as it’s related major scale.

Different Options for Music Headphones

Consumers are looking for many different kinds of things. They are always looking for the best quality and something that is going to stand up to the abuse that it may be put through because of their lifestyle. There are many different options for music headphones.

Gold Medal Guitar

Watching the Olympics made me think of all the dedication, effort, time, and practice that it takes to win an Olympic gold medal. The same is true if you want to achieve excellence in anything you are striving for. It is definitely true if you want to achieve excellence as a guitar player. Of course, natural talent is a big plus to start off with. On top of that, you need to add dedication, effort, time, and practice. I want to zero in on one very specific, crucial element.

How To Become A Highly Successful Guitar Teacher

Are you tired of working a full time job because you don’t earn enough money teaching guitar lessons? You would benefit greatly by watching the Olympics and closely observing the athletes who win. Why? Most athletes who compete are about the same in terms of size, strength, speed, etc. However, those who succeed and win the gold have something ‘extra’ that those who miss the podium entirely do not have. This is what propels them to victory every time.

Fender Japan – MIJ and CIJ Guitars

Anyone that knows a thing or two about Stratocasters should know about the famous Japanese series of Fender guitars. Perhaps the younger generation will not have come across these as they will be more acquainted with the Made in Mexico range of instruments that followed the discontinuation of the Japanese line.

The 0001 Stratocaster – David Gilmour

A short article detailing information regarding the famous 0001 Stratocaster as currently owned by David Gilmour. A 1954 original pre CBS stratocaster with a 0001 serial number – this must be one of the rarest guitars in the world irrespective of the notoriety of the instrument’s owners through the years.

Using a Chromatic Tuner for Better Performance of Your Guitar

Tuning your guitar with a tuner can make a real difference in your tuning. Tuning by ear may often not be reliable enough. Using a chromatic tuner makes your tuning more even more exact, and gives you more options in tuning.

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