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The Popularity of Tribute Bands

Tribute bands are big business. Discover how tribute bands have become so popular and how you can get in on the action!

The Americana Band – Get to Know This Great Music Group

Indeed, I am talking about the “The Americana Band” and not just a general term for bands that play Americana music. As you may know, this genre can be loosely defined as a culturally-rich type of music that is basically country but also spans to bluegrass, folk, rock and contemporary. It’s a crazy combination of music genres that is rising to prominence.

The Growth of the Live Music Scene

The live music scene is expanding rapidly. Discover why here.

Planning Corporate Music Events

Corporate music events take a lot of planning. Discover tips to make the whole thing more manageable.

Folk Music

It is a term coined to denote both traditional as well as contemporary music. The traditional music has been a part of the village life as well as its contemporary forms. All come under the purview of the folk music or the “roots music as it is otherwise known.

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Fender Frontman 212R

Whenever I consider buying a new guitar amplifier, there are several things that I examine. First, I weigh my desire for quality against the price I plan to spend. Second, I listen for power and clarity of the EQ’s.

Freddie King The Genuine Article

When we think of the ‘Kings’ in the context of the blues the majority of people would tend to cite the more well known B.B King or Albert King who are of course great and hugely successful blues players in their own right. It is surprising, to say the least, how often Freddie King is overlooked. Freddie died in December 1976 at the tender age of 42 but left a lasting legacy on the world of blues. Introducing Freddie King The Genuine Article.

How To Choose The Best Beginner Electric Guitar For Yourself

Okay, so you are looking for the best beginner electric guitar that you can buy for your money, right? There are definitely a few things a beginner should keep in mind when shopping for a musical instrument, and we will cover those points in this article. The Brand – First, you should remember that the brand actually doesn’t matter that much.

Punk Music

Punk music or hardcore punk or simply hardcore are all aliases of the same genre of music that is said to have literally rocked the musical scenario everywhere in the word. Considered to be a lot heavier than the punk rock,this music genre was in the early 1980s in the United States of America and United Kingdom. Traditional hardcore has never met with as much commercial success as the fusion and sub genres of this style of music.

Beat Making Programs – 3 Features You Should Never Look Past

Shopping around for beat making programs? Discover the 3 critical things you need to look for in any beat maker in order to make beats the right way!

Rock Music

The term rock music is an extremely popular genre of music which has its roots, deeply embedded in rock and roll, country music and blues music. Centered on the guitar, it has many subgenres like the ones mentioned below to name a few.

How to Beatmatch Properly

This article is to help beginners to DJing understand the very fundamentals to being able to mix (blend) two tracks together in time and sync. Beatmatching is the key skill required to become a great DJ and to keep a crowded dance floor moving. In this article I will explain what and how to develop this skill.

Reggae Music

A genre of music developed on the Jamaican shores, Reggae music is a form of music which follows rhythm and musical beats. In fact, one of the main traits of this music is that there is stress on the 2nd and 4th music beat of the melody. The guitar takes care of the third beat or the chord for the 2nd beat is held till the 4th one is played. The use of difficult bass lines and the use of speedy third beat is what differentiate the reggae from other genres of music.

Online Beat Maker – 2 Simple Reasons Why You Need to Get One Today

An online beat maker is the right choice when it comes to making beats on the fly. Find out the 2 reasons why you should pick one up today!

“Go Now”: The Moody Blues’ Rhythm and Blues Roots

The Moody Blues of 1964’s British Invasion sounded much different than the group that later fused rock and classical music in “Nights in White Satin.” Their first hit “Go Now” was a cover of a little-known rhythm and blues track by Bessie Banks. Lush harmonies, Denny Laine’s lead vocals and Mike Pinder’s bluesy piano made it a rock classic. The Bessie Banks original was produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who called it “the most over-looked soul performance of the sixties.”

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