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3 Inspirational Instrumental Bands to Watch Out For

Here are some of today’s most inspirational instrumental background music examples. If this is the type of stuff that you’re looking for, then you are certainly in for a treat.

Jazz Improvisation Practice Tips

Tips and Tricks for Jazz Improvisation. This article discusses 5 techniques to incorporate into your daily practice routine in order to improve your improvisation skills.

Why Learn How to Play Piano Online?

Is there any advantage or disadvantage to learning the piano online? This question is tackled here in this article.

The Role of Fantasy in Heavy Metal

Virtually since its inception heavy metal has drawn influences from other worlds– vast, mysterious lands, dark and ominous. The very nature of metal is to delve into the dark places of humanity, the psyche, and our own nature. Similarly, fantasy, be it in literature, paintings, movies, or sculpture, often delves into the dark and mystical sides of life, viewed through the lenses of fantastical creatures and magical realms, and packaged to fans for their consumption.

Best Loved Operas – Puccini’s La Boheme

Puccini’s opera La Boheme is one of the most popular and loved pieces. It will sell out at opera houses around the world many times over. It seems opera lovers simply can’t get enough of this work. Why is it?

The Definition and Applications of Microtonal Guitar Music (Part 1)

According to some, microtonal musicis music which uses intervals of less than an equally spaced semitone, or smaller than the white and black keys on a piano. Sometimes microtonal music also refers to music which uses intervals not found in the Western system of 12 equal intervals to the octave. The term implies music containing very small intervals but can include any tuning that differs from the western 12 tone equal temperament. By this definition then any scale in any mean-tone tuning; the traditional Carnatic system of 22 Sruti; the Indonesian gamelan music; as well as music using just intonation, mean-tone temperament, or other alternative tunings; and Thai, Burmese, and African music which use 7 tones in each (approximate) octave can be considered microtonal music. One reason microtonal composers explore alternate tunings is that each unique even or uneven division of the octave or non-octave or octave + fifth etc. gives a new world of intervallic connections, exotic timbres, and thereby new musical content.

Songwriting – How to Use Metaphors in Your Lyric Writing

The best way to think of a metaphor is that it’s taking two normally unrelated ideas, finding something they have in common, and then mashing them together through their common element. We’ll look at some ways you can do that in this article.

How Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone Can Help Your Songwriting

The best things in life happen when you get a little outside of your comfort zone. In this article, we’ll talk about how that applies to your songwriting.

The Violin: We Have Guitar Heroes But Where Are All the Violin Heroes?

We have guitar heroes in the world of rock; people such as Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore and Jimmy Page but you would not really call an accomplished classical guitarist a “hero” because in the popular definition of guitar hero you have to fit into a sort of rock and roll template that marks you out as not only a great player, but a wild man who is hard drinking and hard living. The fact that most of this is just an image that can’t possibly be true seems still lost on the media as a conception that is not sellable. It would hardly look good if we found out that in fact Jimi Hendrix played golf and his favourite drink was hot milk.

How to Attach A Guitar Strap to A Guitar

So you just bought a new guitar and a guitar strap to go with it. This article explains how to attach the two, as well as some extra security options.

Recording in Reaper

Reaper is a very powerful audio recording software package that can be used for single and multi-track recording. This tutorial will get you started with Recording in Reaper.

How Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work? Not All Are Created Equal!

So exactly how do noise cancelling headphones work you ask? It can be vaguely summed the following way. Noise cancelling headphones are headphones that can reduce unwanted sounds by way of active noise control. This is achieved by having more than one microphone near your ear with an electronic circuitry that uses the signal from the microphone to produce a kind of anti-noise signal.

The Violin: How Versatile an Instrument Is It?

When I was a young lad learning how to play the violin, my music teacher was very strict in his attitude to the instrument and we played classical pieces. For him even Mozart was a bit risque and too modern. Fortunately for me his 13 year old son didn’t share his views and every Sunday morning after practice I would sneak upstairs to his bedroom and listen to “the devils Music.” The fact was, that his son liked just about everything from the Chieftains to Emerson Lake and Palmer, and Pink Floyd. I was hooked and admit to electrifying my violin and playing in a rock band. Nowadays there is not so much narrow mindedness about the violin and we have virtuosos in virtually every sphere of music. So just how versatile is the instrument

Consider A Steinway Piano Restoration For The Best Deals

The feeling of owning a piano of your own is indescribable and the feeling of playing it at home when you feel to do so provides you an excellent sense of freedom and fills you with an artistic passion. You might have always wanted to own a Steinway piano but it’s not necessary that it is a brand new one. There are dealers who are experts in Steinway piano restoration and they can give you the best of deals.

How to Maintain Vocal Health

Young people who are starting to train to become good singers have to know how to maintain their vocal health. The earlier that they learn about the things that they have to do and those that they have to avoid, the better it will be for them.

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