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Buying Musical Instruments Online – The Pros and Cons

Buying musical instruments such as guitars, keyboards, microphones etc has been an expensive task if you’re living outside of the USA. Often local music stores inflate their prices and they end up costing you up to THREE TIMES what you’d pay for a local USA shop. An extreme example of this can be found in New Zealand where that John Mayer Stratocaster costs $999 USD in the United States, but by the time it’s shipped to New Zealand with staff costs, rent costs, inflation, markup and taxes – you’ll be paying three times more!

Songwriting Starting From The Ground Up

Songwriting can start from any or all directions. You choose your own way with your current skill level.

Songs That End With Dialogue Rather Than Music

Songs that end with dialogue – During a baseball broadcast the other night, an announcer missed a golden opportunity to make a reference to The Beatles. She was interviewing a pitcher whose start had been scratched, allowing him an opportunity to explain the decision. The player responded to her query of why he was not able to take the mound for that game, saying “I have a blister on my finger.”

Mainstream Jazz Guitar – Sal Salvador Was One Of The Greats!

Sal Salvador played excellent mainstream jazz guitar! His single note improvised solos were very melodic, crisp, and clean.

Music: Can We Use Music To Improve Our Mood?

When someone feels good, they may be drawn to things they wouldn’t be drawn to if they felt bad. What this shows is how much of an impact one’s mood has on their life and that this is not something one can simply overlook.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying for a Guitar

Have you ever wanted to buy a guitar and start learning but you didn’t exactly know where to start? Well look no further! I will walk you through 5 essential questions that I guarantee will help you on your musical endeavor!!

Songs on Which the Singer Mentions His Band Members

The opening of Nashville Skyline features Bob Dylan saying, “Are we rolling, Bob?” He is speaking to producer Bob Johnston, the man who had also produced the great albums Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde. The famed producer passed away last week, prompting most fans to revisit some of the best material he helped create.

Jazz Guitar Innovator And Inventor – Les Paul Did It All!

Les Paul played excellent jazz guitar! He also invented multi-track studio recording as well as designing one of the most famous Gibson guitars in the world.

Learn How to Play Guitar!

When was the last time you heard a guitar riff and wished you were playing that piece? Ever picked up a friend’s most prized possession and tried to strike a chord? That type of teenage fantasy barely fades.

Songs About Stars Whose Popularity Has Fallen

Like a Rolling Stone” turns 50 this week, the first number one hit to describe someone’s fall from popularity. Since then a variety of such songs have been recorded, including another one by Dylan himself a few years later.” Here are ten of of those songs, all containing characters forced to adjust to life after a brief time in the spotlight.

How Did You Discover Your Favourite Bands?

To start out with how did you discover a favourite band? Was it through a relative, a friend, or did it happen in an ‘organic way’?

Learning How To Play Guitar Has Changed Completely

Back in 1971 I asked for a Guitar for Christmas, I was 13 and a friend at school had showed me a few chords. I was hooked immediately, it gave me a huge thrill to hear just D & A7 on my cheap nylon strung instrument. Yes Tom Dooley was the very first song I mastered, and those two chords began a life-long journey of music making, personal satisfaction and even money. Guitar playing seems to be just as popular now as it was back in the 1970’s in the heyday of ‘Classic Rock’. However, people wishing to learn their first chords, and develop as players have a wealth of resources open to them that we would have thought science fiction in 1971!

Music – A Relaxing Remedy

Putting your hand under the face, feeling down and depressed, are you pondering over the easy ways to escape from the gloom? Then click to the music of your choice, and be not reluctant to tap and swing with its beats. Shortly a stress-free and tranquil feeling will supersede the exhausted state of mind

Jazz Fusion Guitar – Pat Metheny Plays Dazzling Solos!

Guitarist Pat Metheny plays everything from mainstream jazz standards to jazz fusion instrumentals with creativity and finesse! He is a true jazz guitar superstar with several Grammy awards to his name.

Beats For Sale – Who To Trust?

Buying beats online can at times be a little scary, especially on a site that you’ve never used before. You might find yourself thinking, “who do I trust and how do I know I can trust them”.

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