17-years-old Asher Belsky and Michael Lemmo jamming at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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Learn How To Break Down Your Lyrics And Rock Your Performance

Learn ways how to really understand and break down your lyrics to make your performance soar above the rest. Your shows will never be the same.

But It Sounded So Much Better At Home

Why does it always sound better when I sing at home than when I get on stage? Remove the obstacles that help you be present on stage. This will release you of stage fright and your show will be as good as it were at home.

3 Hot Tips for Keeping Your Creative Fires Burning

I will show you three great ideas on how to increase your creativity. Write more songs and more lyrics in less time.

How to Make a BIG Difference in Your Shows: Quiet Your Mind

4 Easy Practices to help you quiet your mind so you can be calmer for your performances. And what to do after you’ve stepped on stage.

Feeling Nervous on Stage – Overcoming Stage Fright

You can’t control the audience. Focus on what your are here to communicate instead of worrying about what they think. Find a way to practice presence and being in the moment.

The Key Elements That Make Up Good Guitar Phrasing – Part One

Being able to play awesome guitar solos at will is a goal of many guitar players. However, in reality many guitarists will never gain this ability because they exclusively focus on training their technique while ignoring guitar phrasing skills. Don’t fall into this same trap! If you truly want to play great solos, you need to master the skill of playing just ONE really awesome note. Once you can do this on command, you can expand to play two, three, five, ten notes… until every note in every guitar solo you play sounds BADASS!

Learn a Guitar in 10 Hours With Just 2 Simple Tips – No 1 Is the BEST SHORTCUT EVER!

Some of the following assumptions that people tend to take into consideration: 1. I am too old to find out a new instrument. 2. I don’t have any musical experience, thus feeling hesitant to find out. 3. I do not understand music theory, so it’s going to get hard for me to find out. 4. I do not have a whole lot time to learn a classical guitar.

The Healing Qualities Of Music

Recent studies have confirmed what some experts have believed for many years – music has healing powers. Studies show that music helps to assuage pain. Parkinson’s disease patients also experience better moods and have greater mobility when they listen to music. However, it is important to understand that not all kinds of music will create a healing effect in patients.

Evolution Of Music Production In Kenya

It’s no doubt that music production in Kenya has grown tremendously. Unlike before when there were few music production houses in the country, there are now many production studios and many highly talented producers who have come up over the years.

Sing It Like You Mean It

This article, “Sing It Like You Mean It”, discusses different ways of putting emotion into your vocals. This will make your song stand out from the rest of the pack.

The Hunting Party Linkin Park Review 2014

Linkin Park’s The Hunting Party Review 2014. Album drops June 17. Check out CPU BUILDS review to see if you need to pick it up or not!

50 Cent – Animal Ambition

Remember back to the year 2007. Mainstream hip-hop was a different industry, still reeling from the massive changes brought on by albums like 50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. The focus had shifted from socially motivated hip-hop to hedonistic braggadocio, and 50 believed he was still on the forefront when he swore to retire from making solo albums if Kanye West’s Graduation outsold his new album, Curtis. Well, we all know how that story ended.

The Ultimate Substitution Chord Function Pt2

I have created the ultimate substitution chord function to simplify the process of selecting chords to serve in the dominant function. I start out with a simple diagram showing how this can be applied to the root note C. I then extend the analysis to show how this can be applied to any root note.

Adjusting The Neck And Truss Rod Of Your Guitar

This article outlines the importance of having a properly adjusted neck on your guitar, and will give the reader simple steps to do this adjustment themselves! It also tells the reader what to beware of when making these adjustments, and when professional help could be needed.

When Purchasing a Student Violin, It’s All in the Setup

Everything important about the violin – from playing the violin, to making a violin – lies in the smallest details. When shopping online for student violins for your child, the rule of “small details continues to apply.”

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